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Construction of an organised sewerage system in Zagreb began in 1892 with the construction of a drainage channel entering the Sava near Žitnjak and the crossing of the Medveščak creek from Tkalčićeva Street to Ribnjak. The initial location of the main drainage channel was in Petruševac; following its extension in the period from 1928 to 1930, the mouth of the channel into the Sava river was moved eastwards to Ivanja Reka.

Following the construction of the main drainage channel, it became possible to further develop organised drainage in the City of Zagreb.

The late 19th century saw the construction of the main drainage channel Branimirova-Vodnikova-Mihanovićeva-Jukićeva. In 1900, the north channel was built in Ilica, while the embankments of the main discharge channel also began to serve as river flood embankments. They were a precondition for the expansion of the city to the lowlands near the river.

In the 1960s, during the construction of the Zagreb Fair complex, the channel network was extended to include the right bank of the Sava with the construction of the collection channel in the V. Holjevca Avenue and the first sewerage system collection station. Three independent sewerage systems were developed in the area of the City of Zagreb:
1. the city area on the left bank of the Sava river, north Zagreb and the western part of Sesvete;
2. the city area on the right bank of the Sava river, Novi Zagreb;
3. the area of the eastern part of Sesvete in the Crnec creek catchment area with self-standing wastewater treatment facilities.

Nowadays, the area of the City of Zagreb has over 2,200 km of public channels, with various profiles. They are cleaned with the help of modern machinery. Other than public sewerage channels, stormwater drainage is also organised in the City of Zagreb. Stormwater drains and stormwater deposit sites along horizontal collection channels are cleaned approximately 54,500 times a year.

Other than cleaning, over the past decade the Maintenance Service has been monitoring the quality of new channels via TV camera recording.

Vodoopskrba i odvodnja d.o.o. is in charge of directing wastewater to the Central Wastewater Treatment Facility in Zagreb (CUPOVZ) and of drainage system maintenance.


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